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A professional headshot of Mari Padilla sitting in a chair. She is wearing a black leather blazer.

Hi there, I'm Mari Padilla

I am a Sacramento native, and a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist. I am the founder of Boss Ass Women of Sacramento and XILIA Consulting, and also a partner of We Are Sacramento and The Gallery.

XILIA Consulting

We Are Sacramento

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My Story

In 2013, with only customer service experience, I co-founded a local marketing and advertising magazine. Over seven years, I developed a deep respect for Sacramento and the small business owners and creatives who call it home. Throughout that time, I taught myself important skills such as branding, graphic and web design, event planning, community engagement, philanthropy, and more that helped me self-sustain my business. Although there were a lot of benefits that came from this organization, it showed me an unfortunate reality, female creatives and entrepreneurs frequently receive fewer opportunities than our male counterparts and are often dismissed or overlooked.

In December 2018, I walked away from this business after realizing that it no longer aligned with my values and passions and in March of 2019, I founded Boss Ass Women of Sacramento. My goal was to create a safe space for female entrepreneurs to connect, empower, and to support one another. Since then, I've continued to dedicate my time to supporting women and have incorporated my passion for helping others through BAWS4TheCause, where we fundraise, curate volunteer opportunities, and bring awareness to local non-profits and important causes.

What started as a guest appearance on the We Are Sacramento Podcast, led to being a primary host, then a partner of the company in 2021. We Are Sacramento is a Podcast, Art and Media Organization, and recently opened our newest business endeavor – The Gallery, an innovative Art Gallery and Event Venue that bridges the gap between local artists and private industry businesses.

Through XILIA Consulting, I pay it forward by working with local business owners to support their development or project management needs.

Having a significant role in all four companies while maintaining a corporate job can be overwhelming, however, I believe the energy I give, I always get back and that makes it all worthwhile. This journey has been exhilarating, fulfilling, and incredibly rewarding. I have been recognized in credible magazines such as Epiphany Magazine, ShoutoutLA, and Voyage Magazine, invited as a guest on numerous podcasts and panel discussions, and recognized as a 40 under 40 honoree by the Sacramento Business Journal.

I am committed and look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in Sacramento.


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